A) Turnkey Projects

After a very modest beginning, NCGT LLC has, slowly yet ingenuously, established in field of consultancy on various projects and turnkey expertise. Backed by an array of experts, each strategy and service developed by NCGT LLC becomes the inspiration for future innovations. Whether it is mega power projects or mini steel plants, NCGT LLC adopts a specialist approach even to a general subject with ever-changing technology, NCGT LLC is proud to be a part of today’s revolution.

B) Project Financing

Finance is sourced and arranged from various sources for companies who have to start or diversify or expand their own projects in Oman.

C) Project Arrangers & Facility Management

NCGT LLC carries out technical and marketing feasibility for organization and also in making arrangements for the location to set up industries, industrial estates etc.

D) Business Developments

All business organization carry on marketing whether or not they acknowledge this, but the task of organizing a responsive, market-oriented organization is essential.

E) Management Consultancy

Global competition, increasing pace of change and continued new challenges in industry are creating substantial pressures on major organizations. To establish long term competitive advantage they need critical support in the design and implementation of operational strategies that will transform their performances and culture by realizing full potential of their people.